Top Ad Result - Increase Rank. Increase CTR By 200%. Increase Sales.
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A small business owner’s single greatest challenge: try not to waste your hard earned ad budget.

As a small business owner you want to increase sales but don’t know where to turn. Pay-per-click “PPC” advertising has always been an option. You know if you find a winning ad campaign, it’s like printing money. So what do you do? You start advertising. Try it out and see, why not? What you soon start to realize is that you can’t tell if it’s making you money. Are you getting sales? Maybe. Are you losing money with the strategy? That’s quite possible too. Not knowing if your advertising is profitable is not a good feeling to have. Yet you keep spending anyway. Sales remain the same and you now have less money than before. Ouch.

We Destroy 3 Issues Small Business Owners Face.

Problem We Eliminate:

Wasted ad spend. Bidding on words and phrases that have nothing to do with your business.

Bidding for keywords is a tricky. The biggest pitfall is bidding on words or phrases not relevant to your business. We see this all the time. That’s why we offer a free Adwords audit. If you are not properly bidding you will pay more than you should. This results in wasted ad spend. May as well light your money on fire. We solve this by finding keywords relevant to your business. We make sure to bid on keywords that have commercial intent. This assures that clicks come from people who not only want to buy, yet are ready and willing to pay you their hard earned dollars.

Problem We Eliminate:

Not enough clicks for what you paid. This is the result of poorly written or generic ad copy.

Poorly worded ads get less clicks. Generic ads get less clicks. For Adwords or Bing, less clicks means lower click-through-rates (CTR). This will cost you money (if it isn’t already) in the form of higher costs per click. And it’s all from poor or stolen ad copy. We write great ad copy as our clients’s ads are 2X as likely to get a click than other ads. That is because we bid on keywords that are relevant and create compelling ad copy.

Problem We Eliminate:

Higher and higher costs per click (CPC). It creates a race to the bottom that eats budgets.

The higher your CPC the more you have to spend to get the same number of clicks. Over time you get less clicks because you can’t afford as many as before. Too bad you can’t increase your budget as easily as CPCs increase on you. That won’t happen with us. We bid on relevant keywords and create compelling ad copy that gets clicks. That results in a way lower CPC. You will get more clicks for your budget with us. That extra volume gets rewarded over time with lower CPCs.

Guaranteed better ad results or you get 100% of your money back.*

One last thing. Our client’s ad position ranks in the #2 spot.*

Your ads will be seen this time.

Our Strategy Works Because We Stick To The Core Rules Of Advertising. We Capture The Right Audience By Bidding On Relevant Keywords. We Create Compelling Ad Copy That Gets The Clicks. We Win The Race To The Top To Make Sure Your Ad Is Seen By The Masses. We get you the top ad result. You Will Get More Clicks For The Same Budget or less. Achieve Visibility & Profits For Your Business Like Never Before.

We guarantee your ad appears on page 1 of Google Adwords Search Results.*

We Will Audit Your Adwords Account For Free.

We Find The Best Keywords For Your Service or Product.

We Create Winning Ad Copy That Plays On Consumer Psyches.

We Will Test Your Best Ads Against Each Other.

We Will Find New Words & Phrases For You To Bid On.

We Do This On Repeat For Best Results.

Sign up month-to-month or for 6 months, 100% money back guarantee.*

41 Ad Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Discover 41 time tested advertising strategies dating back to the late 1800s. Used by the world's best advertising agencies. You'll be sick you didn't know about these sooner. Oh, and #4 will AMAZE you!


Secret #1: Keep it simple. Use the FLESCH test when writing ad copy.

Try to write ad copy so FLESCH scores it at a 70, which equates to an 8th grade reading level. Simple sentences win.


Good advertising is weird.

Great advertising is madk.